ShaTranj specializes in mounted archery, mounted combat disciplines, traditional weapons training and bushcraft.

We offer various activities, services, teaching and recreational options and facilities to cater for the needs of our clients.

Our Bushcraft training aims to prepare the individual for an amazing outdoor experience, as well as general survival.

That been said, survival is about much more than just the ability to fend for yourself out in nature, but also how to handle yourself in a conflict situation. Physical conflict can be survived by using various parts of your body as weapon, blunt or sharp traditional weapons, other objects that have been substituted for weapons, or modern firearms etc.

The period before and after direct conflict are however, just as important. Without the necessary preparation and the aquirement of the survival skills needed, whether that be wound and shock treatment, the aquiry of food and water, food preparation, shelter and heat; the chances of survival for a person who finds himself/herself seperated from modern luxuries (electricity, water, cover...Pick’nPay.....) becomes dramatically smaller.

At ShaTranj these skills are demonstrated and taught. Much better to have skills and not need them, than need them and not have them !!

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Shatranj Mounted Archery Pty

Reg No.: 2016/536191/07

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Plot 98, Green Road,

Boschkop, Bronkhorstspruit,

GP, South Africa, 1020

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ShaTranj  Mounted Combat & Bushcraft

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Traditional Mounted Archery & Combat Association

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