Traditional Mounted Archery is a combination of participation on a simulated Battle track, using various traditional weapons, and the performance of weapons' katas, off track, in front of a panel of judges.

  • Traditional/historical clothing and equipment must be used otherwise a participant will not be allowed to compete either on track, or in the performance of a kata.

  • Emphasis is placed on the honour, integrity and sportsmanship that participants bring to the track. Non-compliance to these ethics are seen as a serious offense.

  • Participation is divided between "Warrior" classes (mounted engagement of targets on a Battle Track) and "Foot Soldier" classes (no horses involved).

  • Additional weapons must be used over and above the use of bow and arrow, both on track as well as in the performance of katas. The specific Level/grade which has been applied for, will dictate how many weapons and how many katas must be used/performed.

  • The purpose is to create a traditional/historical warrior, in honor of the days gone by; much more so than merely scoring points.

Gradings are done on four different Levels, with 2 categories on each level (depending on whether the participant is mounted or not) and 4 grades in each Category.  The following can be used as an indication of the gradings available:

                         Traditional Mounted Archery Gradings (TMA)       

                                                   Level 1                                                                           

                   Category 1                                        Category 2

          Novice Warriors (NW)                        Novice Foot Soldiers (NFS)

            NMW 1 - NMW 4                                     NFS 1 - NFS 4 

                                                   Level 2

                    Category 1                                       Category 2

          Student Warriors (SW)                      Student Foot Soldiers (SFS)

                 SW 1 - SW 4                                      SFS 1 - SFS 4

                                                   Level 3

                   Category 1                                         Category 2

              Full Warrior (FW)                               Full Foot Soldier (FFS)

                FW 1 - FW 4                                         FFS 1 - FFS 4

                                                   Level 4

                   Category 1                                         Category 2

             Golden Warriors (GW)                       Golden Foot Soldiers (GFS)

                 GW 1 - GW 4                                         GFS 1 - GFS 4

Traditional Mounted Archery adheres to the Rules & Regulations of International bodies, dependant on the style being followed.  Examples off styles/tracks that are participated in:

  • Single, Double & Serial Shots (Type A & B Tracks)

  • Battle Track (multiple weapons; as well as foot soldiers, multiple weapons)

  • African Survival Track (multiple weapons, cross country; as well as foot soldiers, multiple weapons, cross country)

The aim is to simulate real historical battle conditions, using both ranged and close range weapons and fighting both from horseback and on foot.

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